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Good to Me

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Good to Me is Shannon's 10th full-length studio album.

Track listing:

01 Take It If You Want It
02 Sandstorm
03 From the Inside Out
04 Little Soldier
05 Be With What Is
06 Sweat & Butterflies
07 The Silent Sea
08 I Am
09 Serenity
10 Good to Me

How will empathetic people survive the troubles of this time? How do we rescue our overburdened spirits from overlapping disasters such as rising fascism and climate collapse? And from where can we summon the power to heal ourselves, our communities, and the planet?

These are the animating questions behind Shannon Curtis’s album Good to Me —Curtis’s 10th studio album in as many years.

Confronted in late 2021 with near-paralyzing anxiety brought about by the increasingly fraught state of the world, Curtis aimed her angst at her journal. Using tools she acquired in 12-step recovery, she set out on a quest for self-healing, with the intention of nurturing her personal sense of peace and agency in a world on fire.

The journal entries became 80s-inspired synthpop songs, influenced in equal measure by the textural angularity of Kate Bush, the Blade Runner-esque futurism of Vangelis, the stripped-back propulsion of Yazoo, and the hopeful joy of OMD.

VINYL: pressed on cotton candy-and-yellow marbled vinyl. Limited edition of 100, shrinkwrapped with black anti-static sleeve. Mastered for vinyl by the legendary Bob Weston (LCD Soundsystem, David Bowie, Danger Mouse) at Chicago Mastering Service. This is a pre-order; records will be mailed to coincide with the vinyl release date, TBA in early 2024.

CD: beautiful 4-panel digi-pack packages.

Released December 2, 2022.