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And Her Song Becomes a Remix

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Track listing:

01 Zobot + Shannon Curtis - Paralyzed in Sleep (Zobot Remix)
02 PROX + Shannon Curtis - Bending the Atmosphere (PROX Remix)
03 Jubilee Louis + Shannon Curtis - Airborne (Jubilee's Remix)
04 iLL MEDiA + Shannon Curtis - Paralyzed in Sleep (iLL MEDiA Dubmarine 2.0 Remix)
05 Niki McNally + Shannon Curtis - Clouds (Niki McNally Remix)
06 Isolation Artist + Shannon Curtis - I Saw a World (Iso Remix)
07 Zen That Beat + Shannon Curtis - Whisper (Zen That Beat Remix)
08 Albatross Heights + Shannon Curtis - Clouds (Albatross Heights Remix)
09 SON of MAESTRO + Shannon Curtis - And Her Whisper Became a Storm (A Storm in Three Acts) (SON of MAESTRO Remix)
10 KZRH the Vultcha + Shannon Curtis - Bending (KZRH the Vultcha Remix)
11 Isolation Artist + Shannon Curtis - Rebirth (Iso Remix)

And Her Song Becomes a Remix is an album of remixes of songs off of Shannon's 2020 album And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm, produced by 10 of our favorite artist friends. This album takes you on an extended sonic journey; excellent for road trips.

Released October 8, 2021.