CD/MP3 – And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm Music


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And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm is Shannon's 8th full-length studio album.

Track listing:

01 And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm
02 Paralyzed in Sleep
03 Nowness
04 The Reckoning
05 Small Breath
06 Bending the Atmosphere
07 This Millisecond
08 Like Water
09 Harbor Bells
10 Sympathetic Resonance
11 Clouds
12 Petrichor

And Her Whisper Becomes a Storm is a meditation on the deeply personal and potentially world-changing power in doing the next right thing — from listening to the quiet truths inside ourselves, to speaking our dreams out loud, to harnessing courage in small steps, to coalescing with others on the path and becoming a collective force for good.

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CDs are delayed due to Covid-19, and are still being made. We expect to have them ready to ship by the end of June – not too far away at all!