Optimism USB keychain / pendant Music


It's our famous USB drive ... updated for 2019!

On the front, it says "OPTIMISM IS AN ACT OF REVOLUTION."

On the back, it says "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO RUN OUT OF LOVE."

And, on the inside, it's a USB hard drive ... which contains my entire catalog of music!

This gorgeous, wearable artifact contains every note of music that I've written, recorded, and released in the last 13 years of my solo career. I.e., since the very beginning. It's over 15 hours of music!

This will work in anything that has a USB port: your computer, your car, your portable speaker. We could go on a 15-hour road trip together? Wanna do it? Let's do it.

Custom-molded from tactile rubberized plastic with custom screen printing.

NOTE: the pics make it look like the printing is a bit blurry – it's not the printing, it's the pictures. It's hard to take a photo of something this finely detailed with a handheld iPhone!! In person, it's crisp and gorgeous. It's a really well-made item.