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Revolutionary Acts of Optimism

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Revolutionary Acts of Optimism is Shannon's 7th full-length studio album.

Track listing:

01 Glorious
02 Zero
03 Broken Frames
04 She Will Dance
05 Infinite Lines
06 Holy Fire
07 Shade
08 Crushed
09 Letter From the Future
10 Dear Little Girl

When the powerful require our cynicism
in order to maintain systems of oppression;

When entrenched structures require our hopelessness
in order to stop us from making progress;

When the status quo requires our discouragement
in order to keep us from living our best lives …

Our optimism is an act of revolution.

The vinyl version of the album was cut at Capitol Records in Los Angeles and pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville, and it sounds *fantastic*. Comes shrink wrapped in minimalist handmade jackets with custom sticker art. Records are black vinyl. Limited edition of 300.

CDs come in deluxe 6-panel packages with gorgeous artwork and all the lyrics inside.

Released June 14, 2019.