Both at the Same Time – CD / MP3 Music


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Both at the Same Time is Shannon's 6th full-length studio album.

The vinyl version of the album was cut at Capitol and pressed at United, and it sounds *fantastic*.

Track listing:

01 Armed With Joy
02 Flowers and the Flood
03 Something Like Hallelujah
04 Perpetually Unopened Box
05 The Sun Rose Today
06 Coming Home
07 Beautiful Life
08 Misfit Stars
09 I'll Leave My Words For You
10 Dear Little Girl

Have you ever had a "both at the same time" experience?
Like this …

In one hand you hold one idea, or emotion, or truth,
and you know with your whole heart that it is solid, it is real, it is true …
and in your other hand,
you hold another idea, or emotion, or truth,
— which you also know with your whole heart to be solid, real, and true —
but which exists in exact opposition to the truth you hold in your first hand.

Like rejoicing in the rapturous beauty of the astonishing world in which we live;
while also gulping for air in unknown depths of grief over the loss of someone you love.
Like recognizing injustice in our world which must be relentlessly resisted and forcefully fought;
while also allowing an unbridled joy for life sustain you and lead the way.
Like observing how a person has figured out how to honorably make sense of the world for themselves;
while also — even if the belief or value system they’ve landed upon looks
entirely different than your own — embracing the idea that you can
wholeheartedly celebrate their discovery with them.

There they are.
In your hands.
Two things …

that you know are both true,
that may stand in direct contradiction to one another,
that will not ever be resolved to each other,
that you do not have the power to change,
and therefore which you will continue to hold,
Both at the same time.

Did you know, in that way, you are just like LIGHT?

For centuries, scientists agreed that light is emitted in the form of waves.
But then Isaac Newton came along and proposed that light is best described as a particle.
And the scientists freaked out, because in their understanding at the time,
waves were entirely different than particles, and particles could not be waves.
But what if, as Albert Einstein suggested, light embodies a dual nature?
And, indeed, that is now what science accepts as true:

Light is both a particle AND a wave.
Both at the same time.

Here’s what I think about all of this
as it relates to our real, beautiful, messy, exhilarating, tedious, everyday lives:

I think that learning to hold opposing truths in tension
is a kind of spiritual practice …
that allows us to explore deeper understanding,
invites us to experience transcendence,
and nurtures progress in our lives and in our world.

And yeah. Tension is uncomfortable. Conflicting realities are difficult. Uncertainty can be distressing.
But this is where the light is.
This is where life is.
We can hold both at the same time.