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Both at the Same Time

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Both at the Same Time is Shannon's 6th full-length studio album.

Track listing:

01 Armed With Joy
02 Flowers and the Flood
03 Something Like Hallelujah
04 Perpetually Unopened Box
05 The Sun Rose Today
06 Coming Home
07 Beautiful Life
08 Misfit Stars
09 I'll Leave My Words For You
10 Dear Little Girl

Have you ever had a "both at the same time" experience? Like this …

In one hand you hold one idea, or emotion, or truth,
and you know with your whole heart that it is solid, it is real, it is true …
and in your other hand,
you hold another idea, or emotion, or truth,
— which you also know with your whole heart to be solid, real, and true —
but which exists in exact opposition to the truth you hold in your first hand.

This album explores how learning to hold opposing truths in tension
is a kind of spiritual practice …
that allows us to explore deeper understanding,
invites us to experience transcendence,
and nurtures progress in our lives and in our world.

The vinyl version of the album was cut at Capitol and pressed at United, and it sounds *fantastic*. Vinyl jackets were hand-silkscreened at home by Shannon, and then shipped to United for insertion and shrink wrapping. Each one is unique! Custom sticker artwork on jacket reverse. The records are black vinyl. Limited edition of 300.

CDs come in deluxe 6-panel packages with gorgeous artwork and all the lyrics inside.

Released June 15, 2018.