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The Space Between

Shannon and Jamie explore stunning new territory on 2017's fierce new album, which explores the distances between groups of people and how to bridge those gaps by finding our common humanity.

"The Space Between" comes in two forms – a "music only" version, which is like a regular album, and an "audio play" version. The "audio play" version connects all the songs with storytelling and movie-like sound effects and score elements, to create a seamless, uninterrupted, immersive 67-minute-long narrative. It's unlike anything you've heard before. Every purchase gets both versions of the album.

The vinyl version of The Space Between contains the "music only" version of the album – but you get an immediate digital download of the "audio play" version as well. These vinyl albums were cut by Ian Sefchick at Capitol records, and they sound fantastic. Vinyl jackets were hand silkscreened by Shannon, front and back. The records are black vinyl. Limited edition of 300.

For CD purchases, you get a double disc, with one disc for each experience. Digital and vinyl purchases get downloads of both versions.

MP3 albums come with two versions of the album, in two separate folders – one "music only" version and one "audio play" version.

Released June 16, 2017.