Connections - CD/vinyl/MP3 (2015) Music


Connections is Shannon's strongest record yet, and finds her charting new territory. The songs are ever more focused and compact; the tempos are increasing; and the textural palette is expanding.

The material is Shannon's most immediately relatable yet: over 10 songs, she explores how we find connection with one another through our vulnerabilities, our stories, and our dreams.

Powered by the strength of the album's first single "I Know I Know" going viral on Facebook, this record is sure to win over a whole new audience, in addition to breaking new ground for the diehards.

For digital options, you can choose whether you want a deluxe CD package, high-quality MP3s, or CD-quality WAV files - same price! CD purchase comes with an immediate high-quality MP3 download of the entire album.

Vinyl records are pressed by Pirates Press on translucent "milky clear" virgin vinyl in the Czech Republic for super cool aesthetics and outstanding sound quality. Record purchase comes with an immediate high-quality MP3 download of Connections.

Running time: 35:06

Vinyl records ordered between mid-June and the end of September will be shipped in early October; we're on tour then! Vinyl purchases do still get an immediate MP3 album download.


  1. 01 I Know I Know
  2. 02 What Happens When
  3. 03 Yellow Line
  4. 04 4am
  5. 05 Points of Light
  6. 06 Let Me Be the First
  7. 07 It's You
  8. 08 Life Support
  9. 09 Say Something
  10. 10 Constellation