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"No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender" book

Expanded second edition! All the inspiration and tools from the best-selling original version, plus 33% more career-changing content.

How many times have you thought that there’s got to be a better way to reach more people and make more money with your music?

With a unique approach to touring and turning a profit, singer-songwriter Shannon Curtis has released an in-depth book that details how up-and-coming artists can follow her direct-to-fan recipe for making way more fans and way more money.

No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I Made $25K On A 2-Month House Concert Tour (And How You Can Too) breaks down in plain language and precise detail a plan for artists that doesn’t follow the traditional club & coffeehouse methodology. Topics covered include:

FINDING THE RIGHT HOSTS: how to build an itinerary using your existing email list and social media relationships

CREATING THE IDEAL PERFORMANCE SPACE: how to focus your audience and maximize your show’s intimacy and connectivity

HELPING YOUR HOSTS PUT TOGETHER THEIR INVITE LISTS: how to set yourself up for a successful event by guaranteeing “critical mass”

SETUP AND FLOW: how best to pace the evening to maximize guests’ experience (and your income!)

GATHERING DONATIONS: how to partner with your host for a financially successful event

MERCHANDISE STRATEGIES: how to create awareness, maximize your effectiveness, and make more money

MAKING SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT GEAR: specific equipment recommendations and how-tos

New section! TOUR ROUTING: road-tested strategies for putting together a well-structured tour of house concerts

But more than just giving procedural suggestions, Curtis goes deeper, thoroughly explaining the psychology and interpersonal dynamics behind her tremendously successful house concert touring method. You won’t just come away with a knowledge of what works, you’ll understand why it works.

Curtis says: “My decision several years ago to abandon traditional club touring in favor of house concerts has made my career as an artist better on every measurable level. I sell more albums and merch, generate more income, receive more signups to my email list, and most importantly, I make stronger, deeper connections with the people listening to my music. With this book, I’m confident that you can open the door to a whole new world of deeply enriching performance experiences, whether you’re a veteran artist or a complete rookie to touring.”


“Curtis captures the essence of what it means to be an independent musician: 100% control of your career and 100% of the benefits. Her alternative model for touring cuts out the middleman, and puts the power (and money) back in the hands of the artists.”
– Patti Silverman, SF MusicTech

As an independent artist who’s done nearly 100 house shows, I’m here to tell you that anyone who’s considered going that route needs this book. Of all the crap we waste money on as artists, nothing I can think of will give you the return on investment this book will. Shannon gives you a staggering level of detail. Stop reading this and read the book, like, now.
– JT Spangler, Nashville musician

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