Cinemascope - CD/MP3 (2013) Music


Shannon’s debut full-length record - nominated for "Best Production" in the 2014 Independent Music Awards!

Immersive movie-sized sounds, supporting intimate and moving songwriting. Features a gorgeous deluxe 6-panel fold-out CD package with all the lyrics and a rainbow-print CD.

CD purchase comes with immediate high-quality MP3 download of entire album.

Running time: 38:41

Released June 18, 2013.


  1. Love Is An Earthquake
  2. Keep Swimming
  3. Dandelion Wishes
  4. Brightest Light In The Room
  5. Book Of Fiction
  6. Anti-Gravity
  7. So Many Stars
  8. Let's Stay In
  9. When The Lights Go Down
  10. We Are On Fire