"Armed With Joy" – Single Music


New album out 15 June 2018.

Armed With Joy

words and music by Shannon Curtis
published by Shannon K (ASCAP)
all rights reserved; lyrics reprinted by permission

For a year, I held my breath
What edifice would the bastards tear down next?
Can’t hold your breath forever
Not when the fight depends on every one of us

We are fists raised, loud voices, street-marching feet
We are arms locked, bodies braced for the war machines

And we are open hands toward angry faces
We are swirling dancers claiming spaces
We wear steadfast smiles of subversive grace
And we celebrate because we own this place

These hateful thieves breathe our fear
They’ll choke if we transform the atmosphere
Look: the danger is persistent
So we arm our hearts with joy to resist it

Come, come with me, let’s dance
Like we’ve already won

We’ve already won

released April 3, 2018
produced and mixed by Jamie
additional production and recording by Shannon