"Same Light" slap bracelet Music


2017's coolest merchandise item! This custom-made collectible slap bracelet contains a hidden USB drive, loaded with every note of music Shannon has ever written and recorded through 2017. Over 12 hours of music, wrapped in a message that you can wear proudly in these divided times!

This is essentially a little hard drive, and you can use it with anything that has a USB port. Your computer, your TV, your car — most devices have USB ports these days. The drive is organized as folders of MP3s ... all the artwork and metadata are properly embedded, so the albums will import cleanly into iTunes or your phone or wherever you keep your music organized.

The front of the bracelet features this year's message of shared humanity: YOU & I ARE MADE FROM THE SAME LIGHT. The back of the bracelet says "SHANNON CURTIS 2017."

Features a text file on the root level of the drive called "What's Inside," that has a paragraph or two written about each of the included records, to place them in context in terms of what was happening in Shannon's life and career as she was writing and recording the material.


Early Demos (2006)
Boomerangs & Seesaws EP (2007)
Paris Can't Have You EP (2008)
Why Don't You Stay? EP (2009)
"I play the piano and sing love songs" (acoustic, 2010)
Brightest Light in the Room maxi-single (2011)
Let's Stay In mega-single (2011)
2012 Summer House Concert Tour LIVE! (acoustic, 2012)
Cinemascope (2013)
Metaforma (2014)
Personal Songs Volume 1 (acoustic, 2014)
Live 2014 (acoustic, 2014)
Connections (2015)
Live In San Antonio (acoustic, 2015)
Creationism (2016)
Personal Songs Volume 2 (acoustic, 2016)
The Space Between (2017) – both the album version and the audio play version!

This item typically ships within a couple of days. Comes with an immediate MP3 download of The Space Between to get you started!